Flavored Miracle

Flavored Miracle 

We’ve had our dog Evan for three years now.  He was a puppy when we welcomed him to our home.  Last Saturday morning, like an everyday routine, I put his food bowl down.  I continued to make breakfast for the family and suddenly I realized something wasn’t quite right.  I noticed that I wasn’t hearing him make his normal food excitement sounds that usually occur when he consumes his meals.  I looked over, only to see him sit staring directly at me. To my surprise, he had turned away from his food, which is definitely not the norm.  

Our first thought was, maybe he was sick or just not hungry. So we let it pass and checked on it later. By the late afternoon, we noticed Evan’s bowl of kibble was still full and untouched.  We never thought he would be one of those picky dog eaters. We know Evan and how he would eat anything in site from the crumbs on the kitchen floor to our socks. So of course, we were concerned.  We let him try a new liquid dog flavor booster that just hit the market, Doggy Drips.  We sprinkled a few drops on his food and right away it worked wonders!  

He quickly devoured his food in seconds and threw up his bowl. A good sign because it meant that he liked the product so much that he ate it faster than his stomach could handle.  Afterwards, he was definitely content by wagging his tail. It was his communication to us that he was happy and satisfied. From then on, we store a collection of the Doggy Drips in our cupboard.  Amongst his favorites are T-Bone Steak and Hot Dog. Just remember, like humans, dogs feel the same way: We don’t eat what we like, we like what we eat.

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