About Us

Ruff Pet Venture offers a variety of premium flavored pet products with added benefits. Our mission is to provide premium products for our furry companions to enjoy. We are committed to enhancing your pets lives by providing better taste to boring bland food and treats. Ruff Pet Venture products are formulated using quality ingredients specifically made to cater to canine and feline taste buds.  Let your pets have the best with a boost of fun with this tasty booster. Your pets will thank you.

Great for: Animals changing their diet, meal enhancer, digestive problems, skin conditions, it’s a healthy alternative to fatty foods, add to pet medication tablet, making home-made earth-friendly treats.

Easy to Use: Drip the suggested amount into your pet food, treat, drink (liquid helps coat food surface). Can also be given directly orally in small amounts. See directions on box for more details.

No artificial preservatives. Made in the USA. No harmful substances. No GMO. Free of viable microorganism. Made in a Good Manufacturing Practice clean room. Cruelty-free animal care.

For Wholesale Contact Us: info@ruffpet.com or Give Us A Call: 1-800-971-3015

Ruff Pet Venture is a subsidiary of KORE MARKETING GROUP™